About Joe Porcelli

President and CEO
Scientific Design Company, Inc.
August 1988 – December 2000 (12 years 5 months)Little Ferry, NJ
Chief Executive with P&L responsibility for this subsidiary of Linde AG (Munich, Germany). Scientific Design operates globally as a process engineering, technology licensing, catalyst R&D and sales firm, with special expertise in catalyst and process technology for the manufacture of ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol and other EO derivatives. SD carried out autonomous R&D, sales, engineering, licensing and manufacturing. As CEO, I negotiated the sale and purchase of packages of technologies and businesses. Initiated and executed international technology alliances.

Director, Process Evaluation/Research Planning (PE/RP)
Chem Systems
1987 – 1988 (1 year)Tarrytown, NY
P&L responsibility for PE/RP,Chem Systems’ largest multiclient program. Supervised a team of consultants in performing technical studies and approved content of reports. Traveled extensively to market the program, and led the organization of PE/RP seminars presented in the US, Europe and Japan. Also led several single-client consulting engagements.

Halcon SD Group
1960 – 1987 (27 years)
President, 1985 – 1987 
• Responsible for leadership and profit and loss for this 600-person, diversified subsidiary of Texas Eastern.
• Reduction of operating losses, re-organization of the group, relocation of the group to New Jersey, refocusing research objectives and improving research and development productivity. 
Vice President, Technology, 1980 – 1985
• Responsible for overseeing the development of new technologies included those needed to support the parent Texas Eastern Corporation after its acquisition of Halcon SD. 
• Direct oxidation of hydrogen to hydrogen peroxide, non-noble metal carbonylation of methanol to acetic acid, destruction of PCBs and hydrogenation of maleic anhydride to 1-4, butanediol. 
Vice President, Development, 1977 – 1980
• Supervised the development of catalyst technologies and acted as the technical liaison with Arco Chemical and Oxirane in the startup of a plant utilizing novel Halcon acetoxylation technology to produce ethylene glycol from ethylene and oxygen. 
Catalyst Development Corporation, VP and General Manager, 1975 – 1977
• Full profit and loss responsibility for the catalyst research and development manufacturing and sales subsidiary of Halcon SD. 
Development Department, 1960 – 1975
• Responsibility for the development function in support of the novel acetoxylation technology for ethylene glycol from ethylene.
• Responsible for setting the design basis for new plants utilizing SD’s newly commercialized oxygen-based EO process and revamps of client’s air-based process plants to oxygen. 
• Overseeing the ethylene oxide catalyst and process research and development efforts, including managing the testing and commercialization of new generations of EO catalysts, and led the development and commercialization of SD’s oxygen-based process.


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